RX7 firmware update due to iOS 17.2 AirPlay bug

RX7 firmware update due to iOS 17.2 AirPlay bug

Due to iOS 17.2, the AirPlay function doesn't work. Please kindly update the firmware to solve this issue.

Prepare TF card (32G) and computer (windows or mac)
1. Download the new firmware and unzip it to get the file of RX7-en.img : RX7-en.rar

2. Download the burning program “PhoenixCard”, and unzip the file.

3. Insert the TF card into PC, turn on the “PhoenixCard” software. You can find the portable memory card is ready and shown on the list. Select the TF card you prepared.

4. Tap “Image”, select the new firmware (img file)

5. Click “Burn”. It will start to burn the img file and make the TF card as an image disk. It will shows green bar and “Burn End” once the process is done.

6. Take the TF card out of the computer and insert it into RX7/RX10. Plug in the power cord, and the machine will start updating automatically. When the green bar fills the red frame, the update is complete, take out the TF card. Now you can start using the machine after power cycle.

Note: The memory card at this time is an image file and cannot be used as a storage card. Please format it to restore it or use “PhoenixCard” to restore it. (click the “restore”)