Shipping and Refund policy

1. Prices include shipping but do not include customs duties and VAT.
2. Delivery within 1 ~ 3 working days and arrival within 2 ~ 15 working days after order confirmation.
3. The delivery and return fee will charge to you if the cargo is returned because the forwarder or Customs can not contact you through the phone number you provided.
4. We accept returns for unsatisfied within 15 days or defective within 30 days after you get the product. There is no return freight charge unless there is no FedEx Economic service to Taiwan.
5. Please keep the inner box and outbox for at least 30 days for the repair or return needed.
6. In case of the faulty, please kindly contact us as soon as possible. We will try to help you to solve the problem by e-mail. If there are still some problems, please arrange the defective product shipping back for repair or return.
7. During the warranty period, the defect of non-human damage will be repaired by our company for free. Freight is not included.
8. Once there is a return, the refund will be done after receiving your return goods and making a necessary inspection.